• The casualty functions round the clock all days.
  • Casualty Medical officer and resident Doctors are available 24 hrs all days.
  • Duty Doctors are available on call round the clock in all specialties.
  • There are 25 beds in the emergency room including 5 critical care beds.
  • Emergency Cases are attended promptly.
  • All the items required are made available during mass casualties.
  • In serious cases, priority is given to treatment/ management than paper work like registration and medico-legal cases. The decision rests with the treating doctor.
  • Emergency operation theater is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is usable all times.


  • Analytical Toxicology Biochemistry
  • Blood Bank Cytogenetics
  • Hematologystopathology
  • CytologyMetabolic Research
  • MicrobiologySerology


  • Open for 24 hours and caters to external request also
  • A licensed blood bank is availale in the hospital to cater to the requirements of the patients.
  • All blood is tested for HIV, HBV and HCV, VDRL in addition.
  • Blood Component separation facility available ( Concentrate Human RBC, Fresh Frozen Plasma & Platelet concentrate.)


PIMS ground ambulance consists of air conditioned small sized and full-sized van. In our ambulance we keep all the facilities starting from a simple bandage to high-tech life-saving equipment like cardiac monitor, ventilators, oxygen, pacemakers, etc.

Our ambulances are just like an ICU of a hospital, having all qualified staffs, starting from specialist doctors to well trained and experienced nurses. Depending on the condition and the disease of the patient we let our related specialist doctors to accompany with the patient. So once you book our ambulance service, you do not need to worry about the patient.


  • Hospital kitchen provides free food for all the General ward patients.
  • Canteen: Provides food for visitors as well as staff.


  • Analytical Toxicology Biochemistry
  • Wheel Chairs and stretches are available on request at any point from Patient Movement Service Department.
  • Lifts are available for access to higher floors.
  • There is a stand-by- generator to cater to emergency services in case of breakdown of electricity
  • Public Telephone Booths are available at various locations in the hospitals.
  • Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available

Department wise no. of Beds/Unit

S. No. Department No of Beds/Unit
1. General Medicine 195/7
2. Paediatrics 100/4
3. Respiratory Medicine 40/1
4. Dermatology 40/1
5. Psychiatry  40/1
6. General Surgery  195/7
7. Orthopedics 100/4
8. Ophthalmology 40/2
9. ENT 40/2
10. OBG ANC 60/2
11. Gynecology   60/2
12. Emergency Medicine   30
13. ICU  15
14. ICCU 15
15. SICU 15
16. PICU 15
17. NICU 15
18. Obst HDU  15

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